Commander League at Mage's Sanctum

Commander 2019 is coming soon! And with it the excitement of our playerbase.

We want to take this time to announce something we have been thinking about for a while.

The Mage's Sanctum Commander League.

Other than a dedicated time for players to play EDH we haven't really had an organized way to keep the gang engaged.

We will start out using the C19 decks to play! The first 2 weeks we will play with the precons right out of the box. The 2nd 2 weeks we can rebuild the precons as we see fit while keeping the same commander. The 2nd month will start with whatever decks you want to play.

Each pod can be 3 or 4 people only. No more. No less.

The point system is as follows:

1 point to the person who gets first blood (Must be done through combat damage)

1 point for saving another player (Limit 1 per game)

2 points for winning1 point for casting your commander 4 times in a single game

1 point for having every land in your deck on the battlefield1 point for killing a player with commander damage (Limit 1 per game)

2 points for controlling all commanders at the table at the same time.1 point for causing a draw

LOSING POINTS: Take note of the possible ways to lose points

-1 point failure to cast commander -1 point Slow playing/ getting into excessive side conversations/not paying attention to the game (Come to the table prepared, alert, and ready to play some commander)

-1 point + Auto game loss for accidentally shuffling your hand into your library.

-1 point Vindictive concession (Scooping to put an opponent at a disadvantage)

-1 point + possible ejection from the league. Angry/violet outbursts of anger. (If you have an issue, please talk to the League Coordinator-Chuck Butera)

-1 point Using the same deck for more than 1 game per day (After the first month) If you only have 1 deck feel free to borrow one from a friend! Mage’s Sanctum also has some decks to use if you’d like.

***While playing a league game “Take Backs” will not be allowed. (Going a short distance back in time and changing your mind about a decision you made in game) This includes missing triggers. If you miss it, you missed it.

MEMBERSHIP is 10.00/Mo (First month waived with purchase of C19 precon)

AGS (Average game score) is calculated at the end of every month. Payment must be up to date to compete.

Prized awarded to 1st 2nd and 3rd place

Must have a control # of 7 games per month to qualify

League games must be played at Mage's Sanctum and can take place at any time 3 or more league members want to play a game.

Pods will fill out their sheet and turn in to staff after each game so that scores can be calculated correctly.

First day of league games will be August 23rd

After the first month of playing, to avoid monotony, you may play a single deck once per day in pod league games. Each player will be expected to rotate builds each day and for each of their games. You may opt to play the same deck more than once per day but at the cost of a point per game.

Everyone keep in mind that this is an opportunity to compete. There will be structure and prize support (In most cases generous prize support) because of this fact players will be required to abide by the guidelines provided here. We expect courteous and professional behavior.

Chuck Butera will be your CLO (Commander League Overseer) If this ends up being a big thing we will look at adopting a governing body for the league. Hit me with Comments or Questions in the comment section!

-See you soon Spellslingers

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