DnD League FAQ

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

D&D League FAQ

What is D&D League?

D&D league will be an ongoing campaign with multiple groups of players playing in the same world. This means that player actions will affect the world for everyone. This will be monitored by the DMs every week and by the store to ensure balance. Each group will play through their own campaign and there will be store events where the groups will meet up in the world.

The groups will meet once a week and continue on through multiple events. The world will be set in the Ravnica plane from MTG. Each week will be a new story that will go through completion. There will be an overarching theme behind them that ties everything together and ties the world together.

We will add players into the league as we can. So groups will be staggered across player levels as people sign up. Players that sign up late will not feel as if they are behind. They will enter into the world and have their own story to go through.

Is there a cost?

Yes. There will be a fee of $10 per session. $5 of this goes to pay the Dungeon Master for their skill sets and time, and the other $5 goes onto your account to use on anything in the store. Players will be responsible for their dice, but everything else will be provided by the store.

Do you need to be a D&D veteran?

No. This will be for new players and veterans alike. You can join with a full group, or the store can work to fill groups with players as well.

What is the group structure?

The groups will be 5-6 players and will play once a week. We will have different start times and game length times to try and meet every player’s needs. Each week will be a one shot story that ties in to the main story. This is done in case players need to miss a week for any reason. You won’t feel like you’ve missed too much by missing a week.

Where can I sign up?

Signups are on the Mage’s Sanctum website (link). You can sign up as a solo, or with others.

What happens next?

As soon as we get enough people, we will contact everyone who signed up. We will place you into groups that best fit you based on guilds and start times. Then the first Monday will be a player meeting and character creation. This will be free of charge to the players. You will meet your group mates as well and can help each other for character creation.


1. Be respectful. This applies to the store, fellow players and especially the DMs. We are all here to play a game and have fun. Let’s each do our part to keep it that way. This includes hygene, language, volume etc.

2. Rule #1 is that important it gets 2 rules.

3. Follow the store rules.

4. Clean up after yourself

5. No outside food or drink.

6. If you are experiencing any sort of issue, talk to John or Robbie to resolve it.

7. The Dungeon masters word is the ultimate rulebook we all follow as D&D players. Please understand that what they shape in the world is meant to create a better play experience for the game as a whole.

Story Intro:

Ravnica is currently in a space of turmoil. The ten guilds were recently subjected to the dragons maze. Which was settled by the mind mage Jace Beleran. But the nature of this new living guildpact, a magical text now embodied in the planeswalker, is difficult due to the fact that he is often absent for an unknown reason. The guilds who constantly vie for power are kept in the dark in the reality of their new leader, but the ever-present persistence to seize any shred of influence in the city plane keeps things interesting at all times. Guilds will call upon adventurers to pursue crime, settle disagreements, protect the innocent, or further the motives of the guild as a whole. Now that the guildpact is different in nature, these plots and schemes are ever more present to the everyday life of a citizen of Ravnica, but the call to cooperation and inter guild relations is all the more important as well.

This will take place approx. 6 months before the story line of Guilds of Ravnica. Old guildmasters are still present and the ideals of the city are only shaken by the new guildpack and his influence on the magic of the world.

World FAQ:

The World of Ravnica: This is the great mixture of Dungeon and Dragons 5th edition and Magic the Gathering. It uses a world that has a well established lore and open areas for the creative expertise of the Dungeon master to shine. It creates a new experience for Dungeon and Dragons veterans and also creates the comfortable setting for new players to find roots. It especially is a great place for Magic players to experience D&D for the first time, bringing their knowledge of the setting to the table.

Ravnica is a world of progress. The plane itself is better defined as the city that inhabits it. Before the signing of the guildpact, a magical contract that outlined the order of society, the realm was rife with brutal wars. It wasn't until a sphinx named azor came to the plane, founded the azorious guild, and drafted the guildpact with other leaders of the plane that the war was quelled for a time. But even with the guildpact, the new guilds each would still attempt to abuse any loop hole or oversight to seize ultimate power. After the guildpact was broken on the 10,000 year anniversary, a new guildpact was drafted but was not magically binding. THAT power later became instilled in the planswalker Jace beleren.

The Guilds: Azorious: Law and order, Boros: justice and virtue, Selesneya: unity and spirituality, Dimir: espionage and deceit, Golgari: death and reanimation, Rakdos: pleasure and self expression, Gruul: nature and prowess, Orzhov: wealth, wealth, wealth, and power, Izzet: Knowledge and discovery, and Simic: evolution and perfection.

Questions: Contact dnd@magessanctum.com

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